Local Producers

            The PCCA is kicking in to help the cattlemen in Kentucky. PCCA members Bonnie and Eric Hiltner contacted Sara Turgeon with State Farm insurance. State Farm had team on the ground and stated they needed diapers and Christmas toys for little children. They loaded their truck and enclosed trailer and took off to Kentucky – a 9 hour drive one way. RD Morrison contacted the Hardin county Extension and asked how we could help the cattlemen. He was told not to send money as there was nothing out there to buy as it had been blown away or purchased already. Hardin county provided a ‘shopping list’ of items including wooden posts, t-posts, barb wire, woven wire and fence building tools. We went to work.

Tractor Supply in Easley helped us gather material at a discounted price. Griffs Farm and Garden supplied a lot of wire, staples and insulators, etc., at a discounted price. Home Depot in Easley donated $400 of hammers, pliers, post hole diggers and assorted fence tools. A special thanks goes to PCCA member Jeff Pepper for retrieving material for suppliers and staging it in his barn. STi trucking has agreed to haul all the stuff to Elizabethtown, KY, for us at no charge. WYFF 4 came and did an interview for their local news in an effort to get the word out. A lot of effort has been given to help the Kentucky cattlemen. We hope it does help. It is just a drop in the bucket of what they need, but, at least, it is not an empty bucket.