The Pickens County Cattlemen's Association is very proud of our producers and each producer is proud of their operation.
We are caretakers of the land and animals. The PCCA has started a Freezer Beef Program to give our producers a way to reach the locally grown beef market. Every member of this committee is Beef Quality Assurance certified and adhere to a common set of rules which prohibits the feeding of animal by-products, growth stimulants and steriods. All animals have access to pasture. Some producers raise 100% grass fed beef while others grain supplement their calves. We have been eating our own beef for years - long before "locally grown" became popular. Now, you need to find out what we already know.

We are often asked "How much meat will I get?"  "How much room do I need in my freezer?"  Of course, that depends on the weight of the calf and other factors.  Dr. Rosie Nolds has written an article which explains this pretty well.  Her article is available at

Here is a list of producers that are participating in this program:

Pasture Raised - Grass Fed

Bill Elias
Pleasant Meadow Farm
Amy Wilson
Finley Farms

Pasture Raised - Grain Supplemented

Jeff & Cindy Pepper
Albertson Farms
Carl E. Thompson
T6 Ranch
RD Morrison
o6 Farm
Dr. Harold Hupp
Jerry Moore
Moore Brothers Oil & Cattle Co.